Why Should I Sign Up for Your Daily Emails?




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    Sherri Taylor

    I still do not get your daily emails even though I have signed up several times.

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    I was getting a daily email for months, then after I reached the Gold level, my daily emails stopped. I have tried over and over to start them back up, but they never come. What happened? Why am I off of the mailing list?. What does it take to get reinstated? I can't even send an email asking, because I have to use an order number to ask a question. I've never seen  a company that shuts off it's own customers. 

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    Jim Barkley

    I am a Blue Diamond member, my daily emails stopped coming in August 2014. I don't know why nor have I been able to get them restarted. I do not know why a customer is treated this way? Long time customer.

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    I stopped getting my daily emails on the first of the year .Why?

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