My order shows it has been delivered, but I didn’t get it. What should I do?




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    Alan Jordan

    Tracking number given is invalid. uspspriority4707 is shown on the yugster site as my tracking number.

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    Cant track it if you dont provide a tracking number in my order shipped email

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    Terry Littleton

    After Yugster shows the iem was delivered, the trackig number is replaced with the delivery date. I only received a partial shipment of my order and now the tracking number is gone.  In this situation, where can I find the tracking number again?

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    Please contact customer support. We have the tracking numbers. This will be addressed through IT. Thanks for the feedback!

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    My item number Y 1704250 supposedly was delivered-I haven't got it. Tried to track it but no carrier was listed.

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    9374869903502934854606  this is my tracking number (USPS)

    I've waited two months for this item.  Status finally read as "delivered". 

    Nope.  Nothing. 

    Please help


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